Established in 1990 - The Original Professional Heifer Development and Research Center

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Heartland Cattle Company is located just 6 miles southeast of McCook, NE. We offer tours for groups of any size, age, or interest. Whether you book ahead or just happen to drop by, we welcome all visitors and look forward to showing you our state of the art facilities and outstanding customer genetics. In addition, we'll introduce you to the Heartland team that makes it all happen! The coffee pot is always on and our doors are always open!






Although we encourage visitors, we do ask that you check in at our office prior to entering the yard or any of our facilities. To protect our customers and their livestock, we have a strict biosecurity policy in place and track all visitors in and out of the yard. We also require plastic boot coverings if you are entering the livestock pens. Thank you for helping to keep our facilities and livestock disease free!!!



Driving Directions from McCook: Approximately 1 mile South on McCook on Hwy 83, you will see a large Heartland Cattle Company billboard sign. Turn East onto the blacktop road, Rd 714, and follow the smaller logo signs to the heifer yard (the signs are at Rd 714 & Rd 389). You will go North on Rd 389 for a short distance until the road curves back east as Rd 715. In total, it is approximately 6 miles, on a combination of blacktop & gravel, to the yard. The main office is the building nearest the road. Please call ahead for road conditions in the event of rain or snow.

Heartland Cattle Company

39057 Road 715

McCook, NE 69001

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