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bred heifers on grass

"Risk Reduction - Low Stress Handling of Calves"

Continuous training of Heartland management and staff result in maximizing cattle handling skills while minimizing stress and health concerns in newly received calves. The above picture shows our semi-annual manager's meeting with cattle handling specialist, Dr. Tom Noffsinger. Click the link to read more about the training and techniques utilized at our facilities.

Drovers Journal - September, 2005

bred heifers on grass

"Six Heifer Development Considerations"

Seasonal breeding and calving options provide some interesting opportunities and dilemmas for heifer developers. Here are six primary categories that heifer developers should consider in weighing the pros and cons of spring, summer or fall-winter breeding seasons.

Beef Magazine: Cow-Calf Issue - Spring, 2003

Jamie Fortin

"They Walk the Walk"

A combination of management, information sharing, and customer education makes Heartland Feeders II located in Menlo, Kansas stand out as the 2001 CAB Feedlot Partner of the Year. Read how the Heartland crew gets the job done in award-winning style...

Angus Journal - September, 2001

cow-calf pair

"Questions, Answers and Options: Heartland Has Much to Offer Cattlemen"

Options, planning, evaluating, marketing...these are the prominent concepts that keep popping up when you talk with General Manager Patsy Houghton of Heartland Cattle Company, McCook, NE. We are in business to assist today's cattlemen with both the questions and the answers.

Nebraska Cattlemen - May/June, 2001

uniform heifers at the bunk

"At the Heart"

The Angus breed's combination of maternal ability, exceptional carcass performance and acceptable feedyard performances provides a flexible base package for custom heifer developer Heartland Cattle Company.

Angus Journal - April, 2001

computer database

"Unlocking the Data Stronghold"

Producers can get their hands on carcass data easily and economically, but poor communication can snuff out the best intentions. Read how Heartland stives to help customers close the loop of information.

Angus Journal - August, 2000

checking the herd

"What's the Future for Small Guys?"

Smaller operators have a future in the beef industry, but it depends on their willingness to contribute to a quality beef supply and to keep production costs low.

Beef Magazine - March, 2000

replacements on grass

"Purchasing Replacement Heifers"

Heartland Cattle customer Don Adams of the Cross L Ranch in New Mexico explains the advantages of purchasing contractual replacement heifers from the Heartland program when operating a terminal cross program.

Beef Magazine - February, 2000

choosing replacements

"Building Your Dream Team"

A systems approach can help producers figure out if and how to switch genetic gears in the cowherd. Heartland Cattle Company can help you determine your current position as well as your long-term genetic goals.

Beef Magazine - June, 1999

packing plant

"Commitment to Quality"

Heartland employees participate in the Certified Angus Beef two- day seminar for quality assurance program training designed specifically for CAB licensed feedyard managers. Continuing education is a top priority for the Heartland staff and management teams!

Angus Journal - May, 1999

billboard sign

"Custom Built Heifers"

Our Inaugural Article... Heartland Cattle Company takes the extra management, feed resources, and headaches out of developing replacement heifers. Read how the creative founders of the company had the vision to start the business in the fall of 1990.

Angus Journal - June/July 1991

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