Established in 1990 - The Original Professional Heifer Development and Research Center

Heartland Cattle Company Research and Development Program

Company Overview

Established in 1990, Heartland Cattle Company focuses on improved total quality management from conception to consumption. With professional heifer development services, calf weaning and backgrounding services, and affiliated commercial feeding facilities, the Heartland team offers a tremendous amount of opportunity for innovative field research. Our goal is to investigate the latest advances in nutrition, health, reproductive management, and carcass performance in the beef industry via both commercial and proprietary research trials.

Research Opportunities and Advantages

  • Our management team is comprised of individuals with PhD and MS degrees with extensive research experience and specialized skills in heifer development, calf weaning, and commercial feeding operations

  • Dr. Patsy Houghton holds an adjunct Professorship with Kansas State University, thus increasing the size of our research team and providing access to laboratory and statistical analyses support staff

  • Small pens are available for increased replication of experimental treatments; Research pen sizes will handle groups of 30, 60, 80, 100, and 120 head of replacement heifers with 18 inches of bunk space per animal. Square footage allowed per head is 35% greater than most commercial feedyards.

  • Available individual data for replacement heifers includes animal ID, periodic weights, body condition score, frame score, reproductive tract scores, pelvic areas, weight to height ratios, health and treatment information, and all breeding information.

  • Available individual data for feeder cattle includes animal ID, periodic weights, individual treatment records, processing information, growth and feedyard performance, and individual carcass data.

  • Ultrasound availability can include fetal age and sex, characterization of ovarian activity, and live animal carcass trait evaluation.

  • Blood sampling and ear notching for routine lab analyses and DNA testing are available.

  • Most cattle are from reputation sources with known genetic backgrounds and herd history available (ie calving dates, birth weights, sire lines, etc…).

  • Our staff has scientific abstract and presentation experience at professional meetings, as well as reviewed articles in publications such as the Journal of Animal Science. In addition, we have numerous non-reviewed articles and publications in popular press magazines, university cattlemen's day reports, and professional meeting proceedings.

Selected Listing of the Heartland Team's Research Experience
(Conducted 1991 to present)

  • FDA-regulated study on the use of an intravaginal progesterone releasing device (CIDR) to enhance the onset of puberty in replacement heifers (Published in Theriogenology 50:55-63)

  • Summarization of 1995 calf weaning data to characterize the economic and performance impact of on-ranch preconditioning programs of feeder cattle (Published in the Journal of Animal Science 75(Suppl. 1):48 and in the Kansas AES Report of Progress 783:22)

  • FDA-regulated heifer implant study

  • Study of nutritional, body condition, and frame score interactions on reproductive efficiency of replacement heifers. (This data served as the basis of a reproductive physiology masters thesis at Kansas State University.)

  • Study regarding the use of GnRH to induce ovulation in repeat breeder replacement heifers

  • Study on the influence of heifer sources on culling rates, market value, and conception rates in a heifer development program (Published in the Journal of Animal Science 75(Suppl. 1):160)

  • Commercial study on the use of slow-releasing implants on backgrounded cattle and the residual effects on carcass data and feedyard performance

  • Proprietary data on the effects of temperature on estrus synchronization and fertility of beef replacement heifers

  • Study on the influence of rate and timing of gain on growth and reproductive performance of beef replacement heifers on high-concentrate or roughage diets. (This data served as the basis of a reproductive physiology masters thesis at Kansas State University. Published in the Journal of Animal Science 75: 1715-1722)

  • Study of conception rates in MGA-prostaglandin synchronized beef heifers bred by estrus or time mated (Published in the Journal of Animal Science 73(Suppl. 1):56)

For more information on our research program, please contact Janet Lynch-Rippe,
Director of Research and Information Transfer.

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