Calf Weaning Program

Although Heartland Cattle Company is best known throughout the country for its unique heifer development program, we also administer a very successful calf starting program. Between annual spring heifer rotations, we wean and start an average of 7000 bawling calves each fall. Our calf customers are large feeders in our area, and heifer development customers who retain ownership of their calves through feeding and harvest.

Just like our heifer development program, the goal of our calf program is to supply “user friendly” calves to feed yards that don’t require any additional special management. The calves can simply be penned directly off the truck and start converting feed to beef!

Every day, and twice a day if needed, experienced pen riders pull individual calves that might need further evaluation or treatment. Our extra work and attention help keep treatment costs under control for our customers; and goes a long way toward responsible use of antibiotics and minimizing chronic calf health issues.

Calves are kept at Heartland Cattle Company for at least 50 to 55 days to ensure they are well-started before transferring to a feed yard. Long-term averages for calf weaning performance at Heartland Cattle Company include less than 0.5% mortality, 18-20% morbidity with a 95% plus efficiency rate for first treatment.

Calves can be started either on a limit-fed program to control gain; or a full-feed program for maximum gain, depending on what markets might dictate from year-to-year. We have long-time experience with both types of feeding programs.

Stop in and see us to learn more about our calf starting program!

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