Heifer Development Program

Long-term customers, long-term employees and nearly 125,000 heifers developed and artificially inseminated. This describes Heartland Cattle Company’s position in the beef cattle industry today after pioneering the concept of professional heifer development in 1990.

Sending user friendly, highly functional, easy-to-handle females to ranchers is our goal. Our custom development program revolves around developing and artificially inseminating heifers that return to their home ranch. Our contractual program focuses on the purchase, development, artificial insemination and packaging of heifers to meet contractual specifications designed by the buyer. Both programs are defined by the latest advances in nutrition, reproduction, health and effective stockmanship techniques. The result is improved reproductive efficiency in our customers’ cow herds. Consider these benefits:

All heifers are bred by artificial insemination, resulting in superior genetics

  • Milk
  • Growth
  • Carcass Traits

We reduce your need for “heifer” bulls

  • Less cash outlay
  • Simplified pasture and bull management
  • AI sires provide higher accuracy genetics

We’ve seen an average 8% improvement in the retention of 2nd and 3rd calvers

  • Proper nutrition from weaning to first breeding
  • Elimination of problem females before first breeding
  • Reduced calving difficulty, allowing for better breed-back
  • Earlier born calves, giving young cows a better chance to re-breed

Outsourcing your heifers also provides several ranch management benefits:

Increase your mature cow numbers in place of outsourced heifers

  • More calves weaned
  • Better utilization of ranch grass resources

Provides more space to manage young cows separate from mature cows

  • No longer overfeed your mature cows to meet young cows’ requirements

We provide data collection, information transfer and genetic consultation

  • Effective goal setting
  • Helps identify cowherd strengths and weaknesses

We are located six miles southeast of McCook, NE with an annual yard capacity of 5,000 head. Pen sizes will accommodate groups of 60, 80, 100 and 120 heifers with ample bunk space for all.

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