The concept of “Professional Heifer Development” was first conceived in the late 1980’s because of a research/teaching program at Kansas State University administered by faculty members, Larry Corah and Patsy Houghton. In 1990, Houghton went on to form Heartland Cattle Company, which was a first-of-its-kind large-scale, commercial business designed to develop and produce genetically superior bred heifers for ranchers.

Today, Heartland Cattle Company has turned out nearly 125,000 AI bred heifers that have been placed across America. Between heifer rotations, nearly 200,000 bawling calves have been weaned and started, and multiple research projects have been completed; including FDA controlled studies for clearance of product usage in replacement heifers and feeder cattle.

Heartland Cattle Company enjoys long-term customer relationships with an average annual customer retention rate exceeding 95%. Long-term, high quality employees are another hallmark of the Company, and are largely responsible for much of the Heartland success story. All of us at Heartland Cattle Company hope you might benefit from our many years of experience in starting calves right and common-sense heifer management.

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