Heartland Cattle Company is focused on improving best-management-practices from conception to consumption. Our unique and detailed professional heifer development program, calf weaning services and connections to some of the nation’s largest and best cattle feeders offer a tremendous opportunity for innovative field research. We are interested in projects that will move the beef industry forward, and help identify the optimal economic mix of nutrition, health, reproduction and carcass performance.

Our management team includes President and General Manager, Dr. Patsy Houghton, who holds an M.S. in reproductive physiology and a PhD in ruminant nutrition. Patsy also holds an adjunct Professorship with Kansas State University, providing increased access to laboratory and statistical analyses support staff. Also on the HCC team is Janet Rippe, Director of Research and Information Transfer, who holds an M.S. in reproductive physiology. Janet’s ability to design and oversee proper data collection; then summarize that data into meaningful, easy-to-understand information is unmatched in our industry.

Focusing on improving best-management-practices from conception to consumption.

Research project examples include Heartland Cattle Company serving as one-of-three research sites, for an FDA regulated study to clear the way for the commercial sale and use of CIDRs in the United States (Theriogenology 50:55-63). The summarization of our calf weaning data to characterize the economic and performance impact of on-ranch preconditioning programs in feeder cattle is another well-recognized study we were responsible for (Journal of Animal Science 75 Suppl. 1:48). In total, nearly 40 research projects have been completed over the years, each with the goal of advancing knowledge of total beef cattle management.

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